How to find a good dentist

Aug 25

You should always take your time choosing a dentist but never wait for an emergency to arise first. A few tips are being recommended in order to help you find the appropriate dentist. Location and office hours A dentist close to your home or office will be a better choice as it will be easier to schedule appointments and to keep them on time. Always make sure that the dentist is available on the day


Why scale and polish contributes to good oral health

Aug 13

What is scale and polish? Despite regular cleaning of teeth, plaque and tartar can accumulate on the teeth. Calcium and bacteria are found in the saliva fluids in our mouth. When the bacteria sticks to our teeth, it is referred to as the plaque and when it combines with the calcium deposit, it forms the tartar. Once the plaque starts to build-up, it will lead to bacterial growth on the teeth and gums, thereby causing

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