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Computer Assisted Anesthesia

Computer controlled local anesthesia delivery system

The state of the art digital platform for local anesthesia, The Wand® Computer Assisted Anesthesia System builds practices by greatly improving patient satisfaction, driving increased loyalty and referrals, and differentiating the dental practice.


Greater satisfaction

  • Patients are more satisfied with and prefer The Wand® vs. the syringe
  • More confident that their dental practice has the latest technology

More efficient use of their time

  • Can go straight back to work without a numb face
  • It enables bi-lateral mandibular treatment in one visit
  • Allows smile-line assessment at time of treatment

Advantages of Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System

It is time to say goodbye to traditional syringe techniques that generated extreme pressures in local tissues and reduced the duration of anesthesia. Now no longer do patients have to endure pain from tissue damage. Additionally, this new line of treatment offers something that was never achievable during earlier conventional techniques – collateral numbness in patients is eliminated while no pain is suffered along with the added benefit of an anesthesia that is not only predictable but also instant. The benefits of this new procedure are being enjoyed by the patients and as well as the dentists. More comfortable than the traditional method of syringe, it provides more comfort and reduces anxiety. The dental business fraternity is set to boom with this amazingly new technology. This technology is set to revolutionize dental treatments.

Visit us to ensure your oral health and you will require only one visit for bi-lateral mandibular treatment. Furthermore, you can now go back to your homes or offices without displaying a numb face. Feel the difference with computer-controlled local anesthesia.


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