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Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge is the best way to fix your missing tooth.

What are dental bridges?

Used to cover spaces left by missing tooth or teeth, bridges are a fixed prosthetic device. The bridge is not like the removable devices such as dentures which can be taken out for cleaning, but they are rather cemented onto existing teeth.

Why select us for dental bridges

If you require tooth bridges, then you need to select the best place for carrying out this treatment. With the Church street dental surgery, it is not all about strengthening a damaged tooth, but we make sure that these bridges improve your tooth’s appearance and alignment.


What benefits do we offer?

If you have missing teeth, then the appearance is not the only reason to have it replaced. Another important reason is that the gap left by the missing teeth will be putting extra strain on the teeth on either side. The missing teeth will also affect your bite as it will shape the way your upper and lower teeth bite together. Another reason why you should seriously consider a dental bridge is that food may get packed in the gap. This will then eventually lead to tooth decay and gum disease.


Let us align your teeth to perfection

Let our professionals bridge the gap left by the missing tooth or teeth with dental bridges. We will help restore your smile and maintain the shape of your face. Our experts are experienced at preventing your remaining teeth from missing out on alignment. Pay us a visit and your ability to speak and chew will be restored completely.

Also, we offer bespoke advanced dental treatment as we have an in-house technician (Mr Ali Wasel) who comes in on Saturdays and has a creative input in treatment planning.

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